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Pink Lips

Here’s what to pair with pink lipstick:

Make sure that your foundation is perfectly blended and your eyebrows are groomed, that way, nothing can take away from the impact of this pink lip.

For a night out, go for full on falsies, but for daytime, simply swipe on an extra layer of mascara to really make your eyes pop.

Apply a matte pink lipstick, then finish the fun look by lining the bottom lash line with bright blue eyeliner. If you’re really bold, go the extra mile and use glitter eyeliner on the top lash line for an extra “wow” factor.

For an evening look, pair a sheer pink lipstick with a subtle smokey eye. Concentrate the darker metallic shadow towards the outer edge of the eye, leaving the center lighter and the inner corner bright for a gorgeous look.

For a hot pink lipstick, your eyes should look bright and awake. To nail the look, swipe on one coat of mascara and line your waterline with white eyeliner to really make the whites of your eyes pop.

Match your lip color to your cheek color and go for this feminine look with rosy cheeks. To really finish it off right, gently line your upper lash line with black liner and stick with one coat of mascara.



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