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Beauty Treats

​It’s any make-up artists dream to have all the eyeshadow colors you can possibly think of. From shimmery, to bright colors, to nudes, you name it… We want it all!!! Playing with all the colors is like a little kid on Christmas playing with their new toy.

Unfortunately for me, I’m a bit broke this month for  any kinda of brand name palette, especially expensive eye makeup, like MAC, inglot, ect… and i know those kinda palettes are highly pigmented so basically you paying for the good quality, which is great, anyone wants quality! 

So now that it’s Christmas, we get those phamlets in the post showing all the things you can buy, and its sooooooooooooo eye catching, you gotta have it right?! One of the phamlets I got in the post was the Dischem Phamlet. Now I always buy Essences make-up from them, Catrice or my toiletries, so I had to take a peak at any specials they had on. I stumbled across this palette, Beauty Treats 78 Professional palette. It has a variety of eyeshows in, as well as bronzers and blush. It was so worth it for the price, but I was also skeptical getting it because I wasn’t sure if it was quality. 

I had to go check it out at the shop, so I took off and spotted a range of beauty treats products. The packaging and everything was very tempting. I asked the sales lady, how good is it? She said it was good, but you know you can’t always believe what they say because it’s their job and they are trying to make a sale. While I was contemplating, this beautiful girl came and says “I tried those eyeshadow and its actually very pigmented, I would recommend it.” I believed her because you could already see her makeup was on point and everything. I decided to take it…

Ahhhh I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out!!!

The eyeshadow palette consists of: 

– 78  Eyeshadows  

– 12 Highlighting / Liner Shades  

– 3 Blush  

– 3 Bronzers 

I mean your options for makeup looks are endless, right?

I found the palette, buttery, blendable and extremely pigmented that can also be applied wet for a deeper longer lasting effect. The color doesn’t crease or fall out and the beautiful blush shades will complement any look you go for.

The sleek black packaging makes it perfect for pro makeup artists, i must say it looks very professional, but any makeup lover would benefit from the 78 Palette in their collection, and it comes with 2 double sided sponge applicators, which I don’t use, I find the eyeshadow brushes much easier.

All this for R195.00 at Dischem. 

So after I purchased the lovely palette, my boyfriend surprised me with the same brand, but just different as you can see in the picture. These shades are more shimmery which is perfect for evening where, and I loved it even more because it has all the grey shadows which the other palette didn’t have. I really love love love love it. 

I definitely recommend it if you dont want to splash out loads of cash on an expensive palette. This palette may be cheaper, but it definitely does all the work and expensive palette would do. 

It’s beautiful and i am inlove with all the colors. Honestly I don’t even need to purchase anymore eyeshadow anymore, these are perfect and just what I need! 



I'm also human, I'm not perfect, but I am thankful ...and I'm loved by a perfect God. Hi! 😊 My name is Sandi-lee, 22 years old, born with a congenital bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (0.I).

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