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​Eyelid Primer

Primer for the eyes is the best way to achieve the best eye look.

You have to choose the right primer.

– If you doing a smokey eye or a dark eye look for darker primer to add depth to your look.

– If you are using multiple colors, and really want them to POP,  try a white primer.

– You can skip eyeshadow altogether and choose a primer that has an exciting color already blended into the formula.

– Consider color correcting primer if you have dark circles or want to brighten your eyes. Primers with a yellow or peach will neutralize the purples, browns, and bruise shades of under eye circles. 

– A primer with a little bit of green can neutralize pink or reddish skin.

It’s always best to choose the right finish for your primer.

Matt primers are great for everyday use, because they tend to last longer and give you a more neutral base for your eye makeup.

– A satin or shimmery finish works when you are wearing no shadow over your primer or plan to use a sparkly eyeshadow. Keep in mind these do not have the same staying power as a matt primer, and that you should not use a matt eyeshadow over a shimmery primer or it will look off.

– If you have very dry skin, try a gel based primer or one that illuminates skin.

– Matt primers work with both matte and shimmery eyeshadows, they allow you to add all the shine using the make-up , not the primer. 

– Matt primers are especially effective in hot and humid weather, because it will keep the grease and shine under control.

– Cleanse your face and apply moisturizer. It is essential to always start with a clean, removing any oil or dirt that may be on your skin. Moisturizer will keep the makeup from drying out your skin. Wait atleast 20 seconds after applying moisturizer, or until your skin feels dry and not dewy. If the moisturizer is still wet it can interfere with the application of your primer.

Dab a small amount big primer on the back of your hand. It should just be the size of a grain of rise, you don’t need much. Too much primer can cause your makeup to clump, crease, appear chalky or shiny. 

Remember, less is more when it comes to primer.

Dip your ring finger or a small eyeshadow brush into the primer and dab it on your eyelids. It’s best to dab it, pat it, blend it, instead of rubbing it. You can start near the inner corner of your eye and spread out and up towards the brow bone and outer corner of your lid, or you can start at the centre of your lid and blend outwards and upwards. Whatever works best for you.

Really work the primer into the creases of your eyelid. The primers job is to fill the fine lines in your skin so that your makeup does not settle into the creases. 

If you are applying makeup to your bottom lid, use a thin brush or your finger to gently dab it along your lower lash line.

Allow the primer to absorb and dry, about 20 seconds, and then do your eye makeup as normal. Your eyelids should feel like a flat canvas and your shadow should go on smoothly. If it appears cakey or clumpy, you used too much primer. Remember I said ‘a little goes a long way’.

Tip: use primer on eyebrows too, it keeps brow powder in place. 



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