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Dark Skins

Finding the right makeup can be a challenge for girls with darker skin. From picking out the right shade of foundation to getting an eyeshadow that will pop, knowing what makeup will look good on you is an important skill to have. Makeup that accentuates your beauty can give you confidence for an amazing night out.

Steps for dark skinned ladies (and gents):

  • Use the right foundation for your skin type. Different types of foundations work with different skin types, so decide whether your skin is more oily or dry before picking a foundation. If your face is always shiny, you breakout easily, and you tend to have larger pores, you probably have oily skin. If your face has rough or red patches, barely visible pores, or flaking skin, you probably have dry skin. If your face has parts that seem oily and other parts that seem dry, you have combination skin. If you have oily skin with larger pores you should use a matte foundation to help dry up your skin’s natural oils. Girls with dry skin should moisturize first, and then use a creamy foundation rather than a matte one. This will keep your skin moisturized and looking fresh. If you have combination skin, you should pick a foundation that will give you your desired end effect.
  • Match foundation to your skin’s undertones. Undertones are the base of your skin’s color, and they are divided in three different categories: cool, warm, or neutral. Your foundation color should be in the same category as your skin’s undertones. You can do some simple tests to figure out what undertones you have. The white vs. cream test: get two articles of clothing, one white and one off-white. Hold them up to your face, look in the mirror, and decide which color complements your skin tone better. Make sure you don’t have any makeup on when you do the test. If the white looks better, you have warm undertones. If the off-white looks best, you have cool undertones, and if both look great, then you have neutral undertones. The vein test: Look at the veins on your wrist and try to see if they look green, blue, or blue-green. Green veins means you have warm undertones, blue veins means you have cool undertones, and blue-green veins means you have neutral undertones. The jewelry test: Get some gold jewelry and some silver jewelry to do this test. Try on both sets of jewelry and decide which jewelry flatters you the most. If wearing gold jewelry looks best, you have warm undertones, but if the silver jewelry looks best, you have cool undertones. If both types of jewelry flatter your complexion, you have neutral undertones.
  • Find the perfect color of foundation. Sometimes dark skinned girls have a difficult time finding the right color foundation because many girls are naturally two toned and have a complex color. The best way to find the perfect foundation is to use several different colors together to match your skin. You might find that your skin is lighter towards the center of your face and darker towards the outer edges. Using two different colors on the different parts of your face and then blending them together where they meet will help you get a very natural look with foundation.
  • Be bold with bright colors. Girls with darker skin can wear very bright colors on their eyes and look great. The best bright colors for dark skin are bright jewel tones like blue,emerald, or purple. Bright colors really pop against dark skin and give you a dramatic look.
  • Blend complementing colors. Using two complementing colors on your eye will create a fun, dramatic look. Try pairing gold and purple by applying the purple on your eyelid and layering the gold on top, closer to your eyebrow.
  • Use bronzer as blush. A great trick for girls with dark skin is to use a bronzer as blush or applied over a neutral blush. Bronzer gives the cheeks a little extra color and highlights the cheek bones. Apply the bronzer right under your cheekbones to create sculpt on your face
  • Wear bright lipstick. Bright colors look exceptionally well on girls with dark skin. Reds, oranges, and deep purples all are great choices for your lips. To look the best, make sure the color matches your skin’s undertones. For yellow undertones, stick to warm colors like oranges or chocolate browns. For pink undertones, use cool colors like purples or colors with a blue tone in them.
  • Finish with lip gloss for a luscious look. Applying lip gloss on top of lipstick can be a great way to finish off you look. The lip gloss can help keep your lips moisturized throughout the day or night. You can get a clear lip gloss or a colored gloss to enhance the lipstick. Try using an oil like coconut oil as a natural lip gloss.


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