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Lip Kisses

​Start by prepping your lips. If you have dead skin cells or chapped/cracked lips, then scrub your lips first before prepping. Massage the lip scrub all over your lips for about 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse it off.

Use a lip balm or lip conditioner to get rid of the dryness. It will make your lips more soft and supple. Let the lip balm rest on the lips for about 1 minute.

Once you are done applying the lip balm, take a tissue and blot the excess. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding and makes the application of the other products easier.

Start by analyzing your lip shape. Using a lip pencil, start the application  from the center of the upper lip and follow the natural lip line till the corners of the lip. Follow the same procedures with the lower lip. You can also fill the entire lip with the pencil. It works as a great base and let’s your lipstick color to stay put for longer.

Now the lipstick! Apply the lipstick with the lip brush, using strokes, filling the entire lips. Using a brush adds precision to the application.

Start applying the lipgloss from the centre of the lips and drag the sponge applicator along the length of the lips.

Don’t apply the gloss above the natural lip line. 

You can blot the excess lipgloss on a tissue paper. This will prevent the color from bleeding.

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