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How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

​Keep your liners ready for practice! 

I will be telling you different eyeliner application techniques based on your skill level. So what if you’re new to the whole eyeliner and makeup game??? 

The Simple And Chic Liner Look (Lashline):

Can’t draw a steady line with your jerky movements? No problem girl! All you need to do is use your pencil liner to draw dashes along your lashline. Once you’re done, use the pencil liner to connect the dashes to each other. And BOOYAH, you have yourself perfectly lined eyes! 😉

The Smoky And Sultry Liner Look (Lashline):

Worry not dolly, if you can’t manage to perfect the classic lined eye look, here is a trick to help you. After you’ve applied the liner over your lashlines, instead of reaching for the makeup remover, reach for a smudging brush. Work the smudging brush from the outer end of your lashline to the inner end, gently smudging the liner for the ultimate smoky effect. 

The Simple Kohl Rimmed Look (Waterline):

Lining your waterline can help you achieve a stunningly sexy and gorgeous look. Achieving this look isn’t that difficult also! Use a pencil liner to line your waterline, drawing short strokes from the inner to the outer end. For a softer and more playful vibe, you could even choose colors like mint, white, or teal to line your waterline. 

The Winged Liner Look (Lashline):

Winged eyes is a HUGE beauty trend for as long as can be, and I doubt it will ever fade. Stick two tiny pieces of tape angling them from the corner of your eyes to the end of your brow. Glide your eyeliner (preferably felt liner) neatly along your lashline and drag it to the outer corner of the tape. Line it along the same path again and remove the tape to reveal your flawless winged eyes!

The Dual Drama Look (Lashline + Waterline):

The idea here is to line both your lashline and your waterline. Begin by lining your lashline with a liquid or a felt liner from the inner corner to the outer corner. Now, use a pencil liner to line your waterline, starting close to the tear duct to the outer corner. To add that extra bit of boom, you could even line your lower lashline and smudge the liner using a smudging brush.

The Super Dramatic Liner Look (Lashline + Waterline):

This style takes kicks iy up a notch. Start by lining your lashline, extending it slightly past the outer corner of your eyes, and ending close to the crease of your lid. Use a pencil liner (or a felt pen) to do this. Now, from the spot you ended lining the lashline, draw another line across the crease of your lid, joining it back to the spot you began lining your lashline. Fill in the outlined area. Line your waterline, joining it to the lined portion on the top. Dab on some shimmer eyeshadow on the liner if you like.

The Cat Eye Liner Look (Lashline + Waterline):

Use a liquid liner to apply a thick line along your lashline, extending it beyond the outer corner of your eye. Draw another line across your waterline starting close to the tear duct and ending way up to connect it to the upper line. Fill in the empty spaces left in between (if any) with a pencil or gel liner.

The Dual Toned Winged Liner Look (Lashline + Waterline):

This one’s a great look for an evening do. Start lining the lashline using a colored liner (metallic shades look great at night) and extend it outward to create a wing. Now, use a gel liner of another color to line your waterline with an angled brush and extend it to create another wing below the top wing. It will create double the magic! Booooooyahhh…

The Multicolored Liner Look (Waterline + Lashline):

For this look, you need to have at least three different liner shades (other than black) in your makeup case. Divide your lashline into three parts using dots. Start off by lining your lashline with one color ending at the first dot. Then use the second liner to draw a line along the lashline, ending at the second dot. Now, use the third liner to line the lashline, extending the flick beyond the outer end of your eye to create a wing. Line your waterline with black pencil liner.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind:

💠      The best and the non-messiest way to apply liner is by sitting down with your elbow resting on a sturdy, flat table, placing your pinky finger on your cheek, and then lining your eyes.

💠         Choose a liner color which will complement your complexion. Colors like gray, brown and white look nice on lighter skin tones while black looks great on dark skin tones.

💠         If yours is the kind of skin that always causes makeup to bleed, make sure you begin the makeup drill by setting base with a primer.

💠        If some parts of your eyeliner get messy, you can dab some Vaseline on an ear bud and remove the smudged/blotchy bits with it.



I'm also human, I'm not perfect, but I am thankful ...and I'm loved by a perfect God. Hi! 😊 My name is Sandi-lee, 22 years old, born with a congenital bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (0.I).

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