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My Cut Crease Look

This is actually the first time I done a cut crease on myself. I must admit, it wasn’t that bad, because I know this eye look can be difficult to create.

What I did was; 

1. I started with the Essence I Love Color Intensifying Eyeshadow Base all over the lids right up until the brow bone. Everywhere! I then took my finger and sort of dabbed and spread out the base so that the eyeshadow can cling nicely.

2. With my Kryolan Contour Pencil in brown, I drew a line over the crease line right over the lid. It’s difficult to draw the line as your skin pulls a little, so what I do is kind of dot it so it can form into a line, and I draw the line right out the eyelid sort of making a little wing. 

3. Once you have completed your line, take a small smudging brush and go over it so it can look smooth but also stay in a line kind of shape. 

4. Once that is finished, I took my eyeshadow blending brush and used Absolute Matte Eyeshow medium brown, to blend it in over the pencil line, and on top of the crease line.

5. So again I took my Essence I Love Color Intensifying Eyeshadow Base, and under the line I made, I colored my whole lid in, right to were the little wing is.

6. So instead of eyeshadow, I actually used my Foschini for beauty face highlighter as it’s more intense and bright. I used that all over the lid, under the cut crease. 

7. For the tricky part, I did a cat eye to go with my cut crease look, for this I used the Essence liquid ink eyeliner.

8.  And ofcause what’s left is the eyeliner and mascara, which I used again the Kryolan Contour Pencil in brown for the eyeline and the mascara I used  is Essence Lash Princess.

Cut crease can be tricky, but once you done with the look, inspect it afterwards. If the line of the crease is uneven, or out of shape, you can go over it again with the pencil and smudge it and you can always go over with the eyeshadow on the lid if you feel it’s to lightly applied. But remember if you do apply the eyeshadow on again, go over your cat eye again as the little bits of eyeshadow can fall on to it. 

If you want to use other colors, always make sure the cut crease line is darker than the eyeshadow you going to blend it with. So for instance, you use a dark pink pencil for the line, and then you would use a medium shade to shade over it. 

The lid should always be a nice light color, so maybe a white shimmer color, plain white, or very light pastel pink to go with the look. 

Also, it’s very difficult to use a normal Eyeshadow to color the lid in when doing a cut crease because it has to go in line with the cut crease, so the best way is to use a cream eyeshadow, or use the Eyeshadow base like I did to color and shape it with the cut crease and go over it with normal eyeshadow.

If what I said throughout this blog confuses you a little, please feel free to ask me any questions and if you would like to know what I used for my whole face, be sure to ask. I don’t bite. 😉 Haha…

Hope this blog inspired you to try and do a cut crease. Might be scary at first, but you know practice makes perfect and there’s a first time for everything… 




I'm also human, I'm not perfect, but I am thankful ...and I'm loved by a perfect God. Hi! 😊 My name is Sandi-lee, 22 years old, born with a congenital bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (0.I).

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