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How to apply Foundation Perfectly…

​Using a brush is a must for an even, flawless finish. 

What I normally do is, I first spread out the foundation down the centre of my nose, both sides of my cheeks, forehead and a dot on my chin, with a flat foundation brush. 

Once I am finished spreading, I use a flat, rounded brush, to buff foundation into the skin with light, circular motions.

This technique also lets you use less product and bold coverage, since it’s easier to add more foundation than to take off excess.

Mix and Match Formulas:

When wearing foundation, you actually want it to last all day, right? So, instead of loading your foundation full of powder, which can look extremely cakey, use a mattifying foundation on oilier areas in the T-zone, and a dewier formula around the perimeter of the face. 

Prevent Creasing:

If you wear eye cream, blot off some of it with a tissue because the more emollient the skin, the more likely that the skin will crease.

For lines around the mouth, after applying foundation, take a fine brush or tissue and just remove it from those lines by dabbing it.

Apply foundation EVERYWHERE:  

Don’t just apply on your face, blend foundation past your jawline and onto the neck Don’t forget the ears as well. Fair skinned completions in particular are susceptible to redness on the ears. Also be sure to blend a light layer of foundation over your eyelids and lips. This will help your eyeshadow and lipstick shades go on truer to their shades. 



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