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Mix It Up

​While foundations exist to conceal imperfections and some can improve your skin, you can mix moisturizer or oil to dramatically improve your foundation and your skin in the long run. Not to mention, mixing your foundation with a moisturizer will sheer it out, resulting in a more natural, dewy finish. This trick changes the texture of your foundation. A little goes a long way, so just adding a tiny drop of moisturizer or serum into your foundation before mixing and applying works wonders. Serum alone contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrators. Why not have that in your foundation?

Mix Oils:

 Mix any type of oil, jojoba, almond, etc., with foundation for a flawless finish. 


Use a single drop of serum mixed with foundation to create a dewy look. For naturally dry skin, or combination skin experiencing dryness.

Mixing moisturizer:

Mix your foundation and moisturizer: Mix what is alike. For example, if you use a water-based foundation, also use a water-based moisturizer.



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