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​For me, gel liner is the easiest to use, especially if you are a newbie to the whole cat eye look. The formula of the gel liner is softer and more forgiving of mistakes. To apply, I use an angled eyeliner brush.

Liquid eyeliner often comes in a small pot with a very thin brush attached to the lid. These brushes are very flexible, which can be delicate when applying. With a liquid eyeliner, it’s easier to make mistakes and I won’t recommend it if you a newbie and you struggle with getting your wings perfect.

You also get the liquid liner in a pen form, with a marker tip applicator. It makes it easier to use and control. You would use it the same way you use a pen.


Not all cat eyes are created equal, but there are general shape rules you should take note of.

Cat eyes are not the same width all the way across. They begin thin at the inner corner near the tear duct, getting thicker towards the outer corner.

The way you play with the lines, thickness create awesome illusions. If you want to make your eyes look wider, make the line above your lashes thicker at the centre. If you looking to make your eyes seem longer, make that line thin all the way across.

Wing Shape:

There are two wing shapes: long and curvy and triangular shaped. 

Curvy wings extend out, the curve gently up, missing the crease of the eye. 

Triangular wings end at the outer corner of the eye and then flick straight up, going over top the crease.

Curvy wings are best for making eyes look longer (because it extends the lash line, and triangular wings are best if you want to make your eyes look bigger.


Don’t pull your skin back when drawing on your eyeliner, because your cat eye will look crooked when you let go. Draw on the wings normal, without pulling, once you finished drawing, then you can pull the skin back to fill in the spaces that you might have missed when colouring in.


Take a thin make-up brush, or even a pencil and hold it against the side of your nose so that it lines up with the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eyebrow.

If you just starting out, use a sharp pencil liner and mark a guideline against your brush, then trace over it with a liquid eyeliner.



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