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Eye See You 

​Day Eyeshadow:

Apply a small amount of eye primer to each lid. Blend the primer out with your ring finger. Your whole eye lid, all the way to the brow bone needs to be covered. This helps the eyeshadow stay in place all day and prevents creasing.

Choose a light coloured eyeshadow (champagne or taupe), and dab the eyeshadow all over the lid with an eyeshadow brush. Press the eyeshadow in place instead of swiping it around.

Use an eyeshadow blending brush, and choose a slightly darker shade, like a beige or light brown and blend the colour into your crease. Start at the outer corner of your eye and use circular sweeping motions to place the colour into your crease. Be sure to leave space between your crease and your brow bone.

By applying an even darker shade, like dark brown or plum, to the outer V area. With a pencil brush, create a V shape in the outer corner of the eye. While this step is optional for a day look, it creates a nice depth and shape.

Apply a highlight colour to the area just under your eyebrow. Choose a light shade, like cream and sweep it just under your eyebrow arch.

Use a clean eyeshadow blending brush to blend all the colours together. Blend the brush back and forth making sure to get rid of any harsh lines between the colours.

Apply brown eyeliner right above your upper lash line and finish the look with a coat or two of black mascara.

Ombre Eyeshadow:

Prime your whole eye lid all the way to the brow bone.

Apply a warm eyeshadow base of your choice that’s close your skin tone in your crease, using a blending brush. Blend it upwards in circular motions towards your brow bone. This will act as your transition colour.

Apply your first lid colour. A light colour, with a nice gold undertone. Apply this to the 1/3rd build the colour to your satisfaction.

For your second lid colour, apply a darker colour, for example like a hot pink, to the middle portion of your lid and blend the edges into your first colour.

Apply a bright colour to the outer third of your lid. Blend in the edges properly.

Using a large, round blending brush, blend that bright colour upwards into your crease. Take the colour above half way into the crease.

With a small brush, apply a darker shade into the outer V area of your eye and blend gently. This will give the eye even more dimension and intensify the overall look.

Use a pencil brush to apply the same dark colour to your bottom lash line using a back and forth motion.

Apply a white eyeshadow to the inner portion of your eye. This will open up the eyes and intensify the look as well.

Use a black liquid/cream liner to draw an even line across your top lid. You can also opt for a winged eye as well.

Use a black kohl eye pencil in your lower waterline from the outer to inner corner.

Apply any false lashes of your choice or skip this step and use a mascara.

Smokey Eye:

Use a medium size round brush to apply charcoal grey powder in an arch shape just above the crease of the lid. Then blend down to the lash line.

Trace the upper lash line with a soft black pencil, then gently smudge with your fingertip. 

With a smaller, firm bristle brush, press a gunmetal shade into the lower lash line.

Apply a pale silver powder to the inner corners of the eyes to lighten the overall effect.

Apply mascara.

For a Smokey eye in a flash, use just eyeliner. Rim lids with a black pencil, making the line quite heavy, then wipe it off. You’ll be left with a sexy wash of colour. 

Cut Crease:

First, prep & prime your lids using your favourite eye primer

Next, apply a shimmery white pigment with golden sparkles on the entire lid. To further emphasize the eye colour and bring some colour into the makeup, you can use a golden peach pigment from the centre to the outside corners of the eyes. 

Trace the perfect winged line, starting from the inner corners of the eyes. Extend that line to create a cat eye effect and in doing so, you will map out the outer corner of your crease.

Using the same eyeliner brush, begin to map out the crease line with your choice of gel, liquid or pencil eyeliner.  The intensity and shape of the line you draw next will influence the final look of your makeup.

Using your natural crease line as a guide is the easiest way to do this, however I recommend this method only to those of you with almond shaped, symmetrical eyes.  By making the line curvier, you will achieve a doll-eye effect, which will flatter those with small eyes.

Tracing the line above the natural crease is recommended if you have deep set eyes. You will also have to create a “fake” crease if you have hooded eyes.

First, map out your shape, by dotting your eyeliner brush on your brow bone, then go over it and make it stronger. Make the line thicker towards the outer corner, and use less pressure toward the inner corner to make the liner thinner and lighter.

Before the liner dries, blend it out slowly and gently with dome brush. Blend upwards toward the outer corner. You want the bottom line to stay crisp, but your crease colour to be well blended. If you couldn’t do it using eyeliner, don’t sweat it. We can fix it using eye shadows.

Go over the liner and just above with a shadow colour of your choice. Blend further toward the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Add some of your crease colour underneath the lower lash line.

With a fluffy dome brush, blend out the colours together until you achieve a smoky eye effect.

When you pleased with how your Cut Crease Makeup turned out, apply a white shimmery pigment on the centre of the lid, on the inner corners of the eyes and below the high point of the arch.

Instead of adding too much unnecessary drama to this makeup, replace the black kohl liner with a natural beige concealer pencil, that will brighten the look. Try applying it by using a Q tip to gently pull the lower lid downwards.

Give your eyelashes a good curl and apply two coats of mascara. Falsies are optional, but they look really nice with this makeup.

And there you have it, a stunning eye makeup, using all neutral shades that will compliment any eye colour and skin tone. It does take practice, but done correctly, you’ll achieve a beautiful, well defined eye makeup. 



I'm also human, I'm not perfect, but I am thankful ...and I'm loved by a perfect God. Hi! 😊 My name is Sandi-lee, 22 years old, born with a congenital bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (0.I).

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