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Ombre lippies

​Start by moisturising your lip area with a good lip balm. Then apply a light concealer all over your lips to hide the darkness or any lip pigmentation that you may have. If you have fairly pink lips without any pigmentation, then you can skip this step.

Take a vibrant and bright red lip pencil, preferably in a matt formula to define your lips. Start by creating shorter strokes from the top most lip area and complete lining your lips. Then, use the same lip pencil and fill the upper lip area completely.

Take a red lipstick and top it over the areas where the liner was applied earlier, use a thin lip brush to blend the lip liner and the lipstick evenly for a neat finish. Then, use the same concealer, which was used in the first step and start filling only the centre lip area to brighten it.

Then use a tissue paper and blot your lips softly. This will remove the harsh edges and excess lipstick from the lips.

Then apply a very bright orange lipstick over the centre of your lips. This lipstick should be applied directly over the concealer, applied in the previous step. Then, apply a transparent lip-gloss to the centre of your lips to add volume and plump effect. Use a thin lip brush and blend the orange with the red lipstick slowly to remove any harsh edges.

Then, apply a soft champagne or highlighter eyeshadow to the lower centre of the lips. This step is optional and if you are not comfortable in adding more glossiness to the lips, you can skip it. Applying a shimmery formula to the lips will give a soft highlighted look to the lips.

BOOM! You done!

If you use a stronger contrasting lipstick colours, such as pink and purple, the Ombre effect provided will be more intense and vibrant.



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