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Fundraising for a Car

​Hey 🙂

This is not something I would normally do, but I really need everyone’s help. I see alot of things being shared on Facebook, so I would really appreciate if you guys can please share this post and hopefully make it go viral. 

To you reading this 😊 good day! My name is Sandi-Lee Permall and I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I was born and diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I. for short), otherwise known as ‘Brittle Bone Disease’.

O.I is mostly caused by a dominant genetic defect that causes bones to be incredibly weak, loose joints, spinal curvature and poor muscle tone. The prognosis for a person with O.I varies greatly depending on the number and severity of symptoms. Despite numerous fractures, restricted physical activity and short stature, most adults and children with O.I lead productive and successful lives. I have a severe case of O.I and my bones fracture easily. I also suffer from scoliosis in my back, which has caused me to be short in stature. Sadly, there is (currently) no cure for O.I and I would likely never be able to walk and therefore, I depend on my battery operated wheelchair to get me places. Although all my limbs are short, they are quite strong which makes me a bit independent because I can do a few things for myself. For that I am grateful to God.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because one of my biggest dreams is to have a car of my own. I want to feel and be independent like ‘normal’ people. I have to depend on my parents wherever I want to go and although they don’t mind doing it, I don’t want to be a burden or inconvenience them. My battery operated wheelchair is extremely heavy to transport from place to place so it’s quite tiring for them. Both my parents work all week and I don’t want to burden them with transporting my wheelchair too. I’m alone at home weekdays and do freelancing work from home now and then and I work for a company. But I would like a proper job where I can go to work everyday. The only problem is I don’t always have transport to go to the workplace. There are also only a limited amount of posts available for people with disabilities so it’s quite difficult to find a job that’s ideal for me. 

Getting to the point (LOL)!! Due to my limbs being short, I won’t be able to drive a normal car and therefore I have done extensive research about customized cars for people with disabilities. The research resulted in me finding out that I will first have to buy a vehicle, get it adapted to my specifications and then learn to drive. I will need vehicle financing in order to buy and customize it. The cost of everything works out to a huge amount 🙈. The more elaborate I have to make it to my specifications, the greater the cost. 

So my request is, would anyone be able to donate towards the cost of the car? Any support will be highly appreciated by me, even if it be a R1 😅

If you cannot manage to donate anything then please pray for me that my dream comes true 😊

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me:

I made a money box for donations.

Please click link below and check it out, I really need all the help I can get… 🙂 ❤

And here is my Facebook page you welcome to check out. 🙂

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Disabled Make-up Artist

My name is Sandi-lee. I’m 23, and I have a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), and bound to a wheelchair.

 I would like to share a little about of myself, and how I became a make-up artist.

I first attended the ‘International Academy of Health and Skincare’ and although the school was great, I felt I needed to substantiate my training with more advanced training. After receiving my certificate, I decided to complete the advance course at another make-up college , and then enrolled at ‘Head to toe Make up & Hairstyling.’

HTT gives students the best opportunities possible and train them for success and the high profile industry! Head to Toe offered me up- to- date international make-up artistry training. I learnt to be professional in my work ethic and most importantly how to successfully build my individual brand. So despite my disability and having had to face many challenges, I completed in total a 24 month course and am now qualified as a make- up artist.’

Like any make-up artist, I take pride in expertly applying eye shadow, creating glowing skin and having the ability to transform a face and lift a client’s confidence with cosmetics. I love the way make-up enhances the natural beauty. My favourite aspect about make-up, are the eyes, because they are the window to the soul. The eyes are normally my main focus when applying make-up. I love leaving clients with a smile on their face and making them feel fabulously beautiful. I love being able to take what I have learned and applying it to any face shape, or skin type and making clients look and feel incredibly fabulous. Making others feel good, gives me great satisfaction. It is an awesome and rewarding process, literally and figuratively.

Being a makeup artist requires a lot of skill and dedication. The Make-up industry has various advantages and disadvantages which could discourage one from making it a career choice, especially someone with a disability but I believe perseverance is key to making a success in any career.                                                                

People do see my disability and think ‘that I am not capable of doing a professional job’ but I do not allow this to hinder me, but continue to strive for excellence in my field and continue in my quest to build a good client base.

I love being a make-up artist because it includes the following rewards. I can express my creativity through exciting and inexpensive products, the fun, joy and satisfaction when revealing your final application to your client.