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Fundraising for a Car

​Hey 🙂

This is not something I would normally do, but I really need everyone’s help. I see alot of things being shared on Facebook, so I would really appreciate if you guys can please share this post and hopefully make it go viral. 

To you reading this 😊 good day! My name is Sandi-Lee Permall and I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I was born and diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I. for short), otherwise known as ‘Brittle Bone Disease’.

O.I is mostly caused by a dominant genetic defect that causes bones to be incredibly weak, loose joints, spinal curvature and poor muscle tone. The prognosis for a person with O.I varies greatly depending on the number and severity of symptoms. Despite numerous fractures, restricted physical activity and short stature, most adults and children with O.I lead productive and successful lives. I have a severe case of O.I and my bones fracture easily. I also suffer from scoliosis in my back, which has caused me to be short in stature. Sadly, there is (currently) no cure for O.I and I would likely never be able to walk and therefore, I depend on my battery operated wheelchair to get me places. Although all my limbs are short, they are quite strong which makes me a bit independent because I can do a few things for myself. For that I am grateful to God.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because one of my biggest dreams is to have a car of my own. I want to feel and be independent like ‘normal’ people. I have to depend on my parents wherever I want to go and although they don’t mind doing it, I don’t want to be a burden or inconvenience them. My battery operated wheelchair is extremely heavy to transport from place to place so it’s quite tiring for them. Both my parents work all week and I don’t want to burden them with transporting my wheelchair too. I’m alone at home weekdays and do freelancing work from home now and then and I work for a company. But I would like a proper job where I can go to work everyday. The only problem is I don’t always have transport to go to the workplace. There are also only a limited amount of posts available for people with disabilities so it’s quite difficult to find a job that’s ideal for me. 

Getting to the point (LOL)!! Due to my limbs being short, I won’t be able to drive a normal car and therefore I have done extensive research about customized cars for people with disabilities. The research resulted in me finding out that I will first have to buy a vehicle, get it adapted to my specifications and then learn to drive. I will need vehicle financing in order to buy and customize it. The cost of everything works out to a huge amount 🙈. The more elaborate I have to make it to my specifications, the greater the cost. 

So my request is, would anyone be able to donate towards the cost of the car? Any support will be highly appreciated by me, even if it be a R1 😅

If you cannot manage to donate anything then please pray for me that my dream comes true 😊

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me:

I made a money box for donations.

Please click link below and check it out, I really need all the help I can get… 🙂 ❤

And here is my Facebook page you welcome to check out. 🙂

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Ombre lippies

​Start by moisturising your lip area with a good lip balm. Then apply a light concealer all over your lips to hide the darkness or any lip pigmentation that you may have. If you have fairly pink lips without any pigmentation, then you can skip this step.

Take a vibrant and bright red lip pencil, preferably in a matt formula to define your lips. Start by creating shorter strokes from the top most lip area and complete lining your lips. Then, use the same lip pencil and fill the upper lip area completely.

Take a red lipstick and top it over the areas where the liner was applied earlier, use a thin lip brush to blend the lip liner and the lipstick evenly for a neat finish. Then, use the same concealer, which was used in the first step and start filling only the centre lip area to brighten it.

Then use a tissue paper and blot your lips softly. This will remove the harsh edges and excess lipstick from the lips.

Then apply a very bright orange lipstick over the centre of your lips. This lipstick should be applied directly over the concealer, applied in the previous step. Then, apply a transparent lip-gloss to the centre of your lips to add volume and plump effect. Use a thin lip brush and blend the orange with the red lipstick slowly to remove any harsh edges.

Then, apply a soft champagne or highlighter eyeshadow to the lower centre of the lips. This step is optional and if you are not comfortable in adding more glossiness to the lips, you can skip it. Applying a shimmery formula to the lips will give a soft highlighted look to the lips.

BOOM! You done!

If you use a stronger contrasting lipstick colours, such as pink and purple, the Ombre effect provided will be more intense and vibrant.

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​With primer, your makeup glides on smoothly and blends easily. Plus, it doesn’t rub off or smear. Primer gives your makeup something to hold onto, helping it last much longer.

☑ Creates a smooth base for your makeup

☑ Evens out skin tone and disguises flaws

☑ Reduces inflammation and redness

☑ Hydrates and nourishes skin

☑ Reduces oil and shine

☑ Helps fill in wrinkles and fine lines

☑ Makes pores appear smaller

Primers control excess shine, making them ideal for women with oily or combination skin. Makeup primer also can benefit sensitive or dry skin, because it hydrates and nourishes it while calming inflammation. Additionally, many primers contain SPF, which protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

How to apply primer:

Using a makeup primer creates a smooth surface and flawless-looking skin. Apply it after you put on moisturizer, but before you apply your foundation.

Apply your primer all over your face, or just to the areas where your makeup doesn’t usually last, nose, chin and eyelids.

Use a very small amount and apply to your skin with your fingertips, blending thoroughly.

Wait a few minutes after application before putting on your foundation to allow the primer to sink in and create a smooth surface.

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Setting Sprays

Using the right setting spray during your makeup application will improve the overall finish and longevity of your fleek. 

Let’s just start by saying not all sprays are created equal. Different sprays have different ingredients which will make them more or less useful to different people, and how you can apply them to your makeup process.

Primer Sprays:

Allows your makeup to sit into your skin. It keeps you very dewy and provides a good base for makeup to melt into.

Blending Sprays:

These sprays both have a dewy finish and increase hydration while making your makeup last longer. That’s basically the perfect formula to spritz a few sprays after applying cream products, before blending them with your beauty blender or brush. You can also spray these sprays directly into you brush or beauty blender to dampen them, but make sure you aren’t applying an overly wet sponge or brush to your face!

Finishing Sprays:

This is certainly the most common use for setting sprays! Spritzing your face after your makeup is complete to create an all-day finish.

Intensifying Sprays:

You can use any of these sprays to dampen your skin or makeup brush when applying powder products (like your highlighter or eyeshadow!) to get a bold colour pay-off. 

Try out a few sprays and see what works best for your skin type. Layering the spray into each step of your application, and it keeps your makeup lasting forever! Don’t be afraid to use a few different sprays to get the perfectly fleek face of your dreams. 

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Mix It Up

​While foundations exist to conceal imperfections and some can improve your skin, you can mix moisturizer or oil to dramatically improve your foundation and your skin in the long run. Not to mention, mixing your foundation with a moisturizer will sheer it out, resulting in a more natural, dewy finish. This trick changes the texture of your foundation. A little goes a long way, so just adding a tiny drop of moisturizer or serum into your foundation before mixing and applying works wonders. Serum alone contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrators. Why not have that in your foundation?

Mix Oils:

 Mix any type of oil, jojoba, almond, etc., with foundation for a flawless finish. 


Use a single drop of serum mixed with foundation to create a dewy look. For naturally dry skin, or combination skin experiencing dryness.

Mixing moisturizer:

Mix your foundation and moisturizer: Mix what is alike. For example, if you use a water-based foundation, also use a water-based moisturizer.

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Beauty Blenders

​The beauty blenders are shaped like an egg, so that you won’t be left with any lines or streaks when applying makeup, and the differently sized base and tip can offer broader or more concentrated application. Beauty blenders optimizes water-retention, it won’t absorb liquid products that you use with it, but it also won’t dilute your makeup.

Wet it. Simply hold your beauty blender under a tap, and squeeze it so it can become saturated with water. You’ll know it’s done when the sponge has become about twice its original size.

Squeeze it. Make sure the sponge isn’t holding onto excess water by squeezing it out in a towel. 

Stipple it. Use a bouncing or stippling motion instead of a wiping or sweeping motion. You can apply foundation to your face or the beauty blender, it doesn’t matter which way you do it. I normally first swipe the foundation on with a flat foundation brush first. To blend with the beauty blender, use the broader side as it covers more surface area to help speed up the process. To blend in smaller, more concentrated areas like concealer under the eyes or around the nose, use the pointed side of the beauty blender. Use the same bouncing motion as before to help press the product in the face.

Ways to clean it:

Baby wash and warm water. (or soap is fine)

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How to apply Foundation Perfectly…

​Using a brush is a must for an even, flawless finish. 

What I normally do is, I first spread out the foundation down the centre of my nose, both sides of my cheeks, forehead and a dot on my chin, with a flat foundation brush. 

Once I am finished spreading, I use a flat, rounded brush, to buff foundation into the skin with light, circular motions.

This technique also lets you use less product and bold coverage, since it’s easier to add more foundation than to take off excess.

Mix and Match Formulas:

When wearing foundation, you actually want it to last all day, right? So, instead of loading your foundation full of powder, which can look extremely cakey, use a mattifying foundation on oilier areas in the T-zone, and a dewier formula around the perimeter of the face. 

Prevent Creasing:

If you wear eye cream, blot off some of it with a tissue because the more emollient the skin, the more likely that the skin will crease.

For lines around the mouth, after applying foundation, take a fine brush or tissue and just remove it from those lines by dabbing it.

Apply foundation EVERYWHERE:  

Don’t just apply on your face, blend foundation past your jawline and onto the neck Don’t forget the ears as well. Fair skinned completions in particular are susceptible to redness on the ears. Also be sure to blend a light layer of foundation over your eyelids and lips. This will help your eyeshadow and lipstick shades go on truer to their shades.