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Ombre lippies

​Start by moisturising your lip area with a good lip balm. Then apply a light concealer all over your lips to hide the darkness or any lip pigmentation that you may have. If you have fairly pink lips without any pigmentation, then you can skip this step.

Take a vibrant and bright red lip pencil, preferably in a matt formula to define your lips. Start by creating shorter strokes from the top most lip area and complete lining your lips. Then, use the same lip pencil and fill the upper lip area completely.

Take a red lipstick and top it over the areas where the liner was applied earlier, use a thin lip brush to blend the lip liner and the lipstick evenly for a neat finish. Then, use the same concealer, which was used in the first step and start filling only the centre lip area to brighten it.

Then use a tissue paper and blot your lips softly. This will remove the harsh edges and excess lipstick from the lips.

Then apply a very bright orange lipstick over the centre of your lips. This lipstick should be applied directly over the concealer, applied in the previous step. Then, apply a transparent lip-gloss to the centre of your lips to add volume and plump effect. Use a thin lip brush and blend the orange with the red lipstick slowly to remove any harsh edges.

Then, apply a soft champagne or highlighter eyeshadow to the lower centre of the lips. This step is optional and if you are not comfortable in adding more glossiness to the lips, you can skip it. Applying a shimmery formula to the lips will give a soft highlighted look to the lips.

BOOM! You done!

If you use a stronger contrasting lipstick colours, such as pink and purple, the Ombre effect provided will be more intense and vibrant.

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Lip Kisses

​Start by prepping your lips. If you have dead skin cells or chapped/cracked lips, then scrub your lips first before prepping. Massage the lip scrub all over your lips for about 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse it off.

Use a lip balm or lip conditioner to get rid of the dryness. It will make your lips more soft and supple. Let the lip balm rest on the lips for about 1 minute.

Once you are done applying the lip balm, take a tissue and blot the excess. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding and makes the application of the other products easier.

Start by analyzing your lip shape. Using a lip pencil, start the application  from the center of the upper lip and follow the natural lip line till the corners of the lip. Follow the same procedures with the lower lip. You can also fill the entire lip with the pencil. It works as a great base and let’s your lipstick color to stay put for longer.

Now the lipstick! Apply the lipstick with the lip brush, using strokes, filling the entire lips. Using a brush adds precision to the application.

Start applying the lipgloss from the centre of the lips and drag the sponge applicator along the length of the lips.

Don’t apply the gloss above the natural lip line. 

You can blot the excess lipgloss on a tissue paper. This will prevent the color from bleeding.

VIOLA‘…. 🙂

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Hide Dark Circles

​If you wish to have the perfect look, then you should go for the right concealer. 

If you want a light coverage, a liquid tube concealer with lightest formulation works best. Heavy coverage is beat with pots, pans and stick concealers. Make sure you do not go overboard because it will stick to your lose skin and will accentuate wrinkles.

Always go for a color that is a bit lighter than your skin tone. Green will neutralize the redness of the skin and are perfect for concealing blemishes and pimples. Yellow undertone concealers will counteract the blueness of your dark circles.

It’s important to moisturize your eye area adequately and it is necessary to use a primer as well as it gives a flawless look. 

Apply your concealer with a eyeshadow brush. Dot the concealer along the dark circles, eventually dab it along and always start by using less concealer, you can always add on if necessary, bit remember too much can make it obvious.

Let your concealer set in, if you feel there is some darkness under your eyes, go for a other coat of light application.

Lastly, I would advice setting your concealer, with a sheer, loose powder to help it set it in place, to get a long lasting coverage.

Use a lip balm or lip conditioner to get rid of the dryness. It will make your lips more soft and supple. Let the lip balm rest on the lips for about 1 minute.

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​Eyelid Primer

Primer for the eyes is the best way to achieve the best eye look.

You have to choose the right primer.

– If you doing a smokey eye or a dark eye look for darker primer to add depth to your look.

– If you are using multiple colors, and really want them to POP,  try a white primer.

– You can skip eyeshadow altogether and choose a primer that has an exciting color already blended into the formula.

– Consider color correcting primer if you have dark circles or want to brighten your eyes. Primers with a yellow or peach will neutralize the purples, browns, and bruise shades of under eye circles. 

– A primer with a little bit of green can neutralize pink or reddish skin.

It’s always best to choose the right finish for your primer.

Matt primers are great for everyday use, because they tend to last longer and give you a more neutral base for your eye makeup.

– A satin or shimmery finish works when you are wearing no shadow over your primer or plan to use a sparkly eyeshadow. Keep in mind these do not have the same staying power as a matt primer, and that you should not use a matt eyeshadow over a shimmery primer or it will look off.

– If you have very dry skin, try a gel based primer or one that illuminates skin.

– Matt primers work with both matte and shimmery eyeshadows, they allow you to add all the shine using the make-up , not the primer. 

– Matt primers are especially effective in hot and humid weather, because it will keep the grease and shine under control.

– Cleanse your face and apply moisturizer. It is essential to always start with a clean, removing any oil or dirt that may be on your skin. Moisturizer will keep the makeup from drying out your skin. Wait atleast 20 seconds after applying moisturizer, or until your skin feels dry and not dewy. If the moisturizer is still wet it can interfere with the application of your primer.

Dab a small amount big primer on the back of your hand. It should just be the size of a grain of rise, you don’t need much. Too much primer can cause your makeup to clump, crease, appear chalky or shiny. 

Remember, less is more when it comes to primer.

Dip your ring finger or a small eyeshadow brush into the primer and dab it on your eyelids. It’s best to dab it, pat it, blend it, instead of rubbing it. You can start near the inner corner of your eye and spread out and up towards the brow bone and outer corner of your lid, or you can start at the centre of your lid and blend outwards and upwards. Whatever works best for you.

Really work the primer into the creases of your eyelid. The primers job is to fill the fine lines in your skin so that your makeup does not settle into the creases. 

If you are applying makeup to your bottom lid, use a thin brush or your finger to gently dab it along your lower lash line.

Allow the primer to absorb and dry, about 20 seconds, and then do your eye makeup as normal. Your eyelids should feel like a flat canvas and your shadow should go on smoothly. If it appears cakey or clumpy, you used too much primer. Remember I said ‘a little goes a long way’.

Tip: use primer on eyebrows too, it keeps brow powder in place. 

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Pink Lips

Here’s what to pair with pink lipstick:

Make sure that your foundation is perfectly blended and your eyebrows are groomed, that way, nothing can take away from the impact of this pink lip.

For a night out, go for full on falsies, but for daytime, simply swipe on an extra layer of mascara to really make your eyes pop.

Apply a matte pink lipstick, then finish the fun look by lining the bottom lash line with bright blue eyeliner. If you’re really bold, go the extra mile and use glitter eyeliner on the top lash line for an extra “wow” factor.

For an evening look, pair a sheer pink lipstick with a subtle smokey eye. Concentrate the darker metallic shadow towards the outer edge of the eye, leaving the center lighter and the inner corner bright for a gorgeous look.

For a hot pink lipstick, your eyes should look bright and awake. To nail the look, swipe on one coat of mascara and line your waterline with white eyeliner to really make the whites of your eyes pop.

Match your lip color to your cheek color and go for this feminine look with rosy cheeks. To really finish it off right, gently line your upper lash line with black liner and stick with one coat of mascara.

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Disabled Make-up Artist

My name is Sandi-lee. I’m 23, and I have a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), and bound to a wheelchair.

 I would like to share a little about of myself, and how I became a make-up artist.

I first attended the ‘International Academy of Health and Skincare’ and although the school was great, I felt I needed to substantiate my training with more advanced training. After receiving my certificate, I decided to complete the advance course at another make-up college , and then enrolled at ‘Head to toe Make up & Hairstyling.’

HTT gives students the best opportunities possible and train them for success and the high profile industry! Head to Toe offered me up- to- date international make-up artistry training. I learnt to be professional in my work ethic and most importantly how to successfully build my individual brand. So despite my disability and having had to face many challenges, I completed in total a 24 month course and am now qualified as a make- up artist.’

Like any make-up artist, I take pride in expertly applying eye shadow, creating glowing skin and having the ability to transform a face and lift a client’s confidence with cosmetics. I love the way make-up enhances the natural beauty. My favourite aspect about make-up, are the eyes, because they are the window to the soul. The eyes are normally my main focus when applying make-up. I love leaving clients with a smile on their face and making them feel fabulously beautiful. I love being able to take what I have learned and applying it to any face shape, or skin type and making clients look and feel incredibly fabulous. Making others feel good, gives me great satisfaction. It is an awesome and rewarding process, literally and figuratively.

Being a makeup artist requires a lot of skill and dedication. The Make-up industry has various advantages and disadvantages which could discourage one from making it a career choice, especially someone with a disability but I believe perseverance is key to making a success in any career.                                                                

People do see my disability and think ‘that I am not capable of doing a professional job’ but I do not allow this to hinder me, but continue to strive for excellence in my field and continue in my quest to build a good client base.

I love being a make-up artist because it includes the following rewards. I can express my creativity through exciting and inexpensive products, the fun, joy and satisfaction when revealing your final application to your client.